Funding Opportunities for Graduate Students and Postdocs

Flowchart: Pursuing Funding Opportunities for NMSU Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars

Applicants interested in these opportunities should contact Ms. Chong-Hwey Fee, Office of Research Administration Services.


Title Pre-proposal Proposal Special Restrictions
Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in Biology (PRFB) (nsf19597) 11/19/2019 Below are four competitive Areas (eligibility depends on the competitive area you choose):

1.) Broadening Participation of Groups Underrepresented in Biology.

2.) Interdisciplinary Research Using Biological Collections

3.) National Plant Genome Initiative (NPGI) Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

4.) Integrative Research Investigating the Rules of Life Governing Interactions Between Genomes, Environment and Phenotypes

Google PhD Fellowship opportunity 11/30/2019 Only for Computer Science and related fields. Up to 2 eligible students during the application period
SMART (Science Mathematics and Research for Transformation) Scholarship 12/3/19 21 disciplines listed here.
NIST Graduate Student Measurement Science and Engineering (GMSE) Fellowship Program 12/6/19 STEM disciplines, such as chemistry, computer science, electrical engineering, materials science, mathematics, mechanical engineering, and physics
DoD National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship Program 12/6/19 Fellow may not accept simultaneous remuneration from another fellowship; e.g., if an applicant is offered both an NSF and an NDSEG Fellowship, the applicant must choose between the two offers
DOE Nuclear Security Administration Stewardship Science Graduate Fellowship 1/8/20 A 12-week research practicum at one of DOE’s national defense laboratories: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory or Sandia National Laboratories (California or New Mexico)
Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship 12/17/19 (5:00 PM Eastern Time) Predoctoral fellowships are intended for individuals who have enrolled or plan to enroll in an eligible Ph.D. or Sc.D. program no later than fall 2020. Individuals already enrolled in a Ph.D. or Sc.D. program should provide evidence that they can fully utilize a three-year fellowship award. A list of eligible fields of study supported is available here: Eligible Fields of Study List
Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowships 12/10/19 (5:00 PM Eastern Time) Individuals enrolled in an eligible research-based (dissertation-required) program leading to a Ph.D. or Sc.D. degree, who will complete the dissertation in a period of 9-12 months during the 2020-2021 academic year, and , by December 10, 2019, have completed all departmental and institutional requirements for their degree, except for writing and defense of the dissertation. Eligible fields of study list
Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship 12/10/19 (5:00 PM Eastern Time) Individuals who have completed all the requirements for a Ph.D. or Sc.D. degree, including successful defense of the dissertation, no earlier than December 10, 2012 and no later than December 10, 2019 in an eligible research-based field. Click HERE to see application instruction
DOE Fusion Energy Sciences Postdoctoral Research Program (DOE-FES-2020) 12/16/19 (4:00 PM Eastern Time) Applicants must have received a doctoral degree in an appropriate science or engineering discipline within four years of the application due date or are currently pursuing a doctoral degree (received prior to the desired start date) and interested in conducting research in an area of interest to FES, specifically in the areas of (1) Transients, (2) Plasma-Materials Interactions, (3) Integrated Simulations for Magnetic Fusion Energy Science, (4) Plasma Science Frontiers, or (5) Transformative Enabling Capabilities. Click HERE to see a list of host facilities
DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship 1/15/20
DAAD RISE Professional Internship in Germany 12/15/19 Be a full-time student enrolled in a Master’s or Ph.D. program at a North American, British or Irish university at the time of the internship in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Earth Science or Engineering (or a closely related field). International students in these countries must be in the country for at least 12 months at the time of application. Recent graduates are not eligible to apply. Click HERE to go to Application Portal
Postdoctoral Research Opportunity in High Performance Computing & Prediction of Geospatial Dynamics (USDA-ARS-2020-0007) Rolling This opportunity is available to U.S. citizens, Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR), and foreign nationals. Non-U.S. citizen applicants should refer to the Guidelines for Non-U.S. Citizens Details page of the program website for information about the valid immigration status. Click HERE to see Guidelines for Non-U.S. Citizens Details:Click HERE to see all current at Agricultural Research Services
2020 Summer Internship For MSIPP Students (Minority Serving Institutions Partnership Program) 1/21/20 Selections are made on a rolling basis, to increase your chance of being offered an internship, apply early! Choose a location to find specific opportunities: